Guardian of the Music - May 2016 - A New Era

'Conquering Lion'

A beautiful, beautiful woman who will always be in my Heart.  A lot of people talk the talk.  She had guts - courage and loyalty to the Truth, Love and Music beyond anyone I have so far met in this Life.  Kate aligned herself to the Right thing when nobody else wanted to know or was ready.  By doing so, she lives forever and always in this Music and is now Guardian of it.

Painting in final Budapest apartment - Angel Kate rising up over the demons

This is a new era.  

Before Kate was Karen.  Two women, who didn't have it easy, yet held their ground for Consciousness/Love/Music under enormous society pressure to allow this to grow.  Its easy to cling to the wrong things out of stubborness and pride.  Those who hide behind walls, tell lies and fail to communicate properly...  such a shame!  They never considered that joy doesn't have to be sacrificed for Truth.  They never gave us a chance.

There is such a thing as Divine Law.  Some crimes are perpetrated by those hiding in the shadows, involved in black magic, and the authorities can't bring justice on such people because the world doesn't understand these things but Jah is watching.  When you are dealing with spiritual matters, you better be sincere, because there is a price to pay.  Divine Law takes care of these situations.  This situation now needs to finally be brought to an End so everybody can move on.

Those of us in SoulJahm always tried to deal with people openly, directly and honestly and were surprised to find how many people run from that.  The truth is nobody in this world wants Freedom and Freedom is Love.  You can't have Love without Freedom.  And out of this Music is able to flower.  Real Music can only come from that soil.  So simple but few want it because they cherish and remain loyal to the mundane - what they know.

Karen & Kate
So this marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.  The spell has finally been broken.    

Jah Rastafari!!!

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