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After journeying around Europe for the last 3 years - October 2010 until August 2013 - rarely staying in one place longer than a few months the time has come for SoulJahm to root itself in one location for a longer stay.

Armed with better recording equipment and a selection of instruments SoulJahm is now entering a Kave until further notice. You can still contact us through Facebook, Youtube, etc...


SoulJahm: Giudecca

Inspired by a stay on the island of Giudecca (Venice) in the summer of 2011 and written there on ukulele. The track was recorded over the course of a year and features piano recorded in Milan, maracas in Nice, ukulele in Paris, drum track programmed in Berlin, with guitars, vocals and harmonica recorded in Budapest throughout the spring/summer of 2012.

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Balcarres Street (Version 2 - Supermoon Mix)

Free Download:

Written in Berlin, Feb 2012, and then finished in Budapest later that year in June, we put out Version 1 around then, a simple acoustic recording. A month later in July we began recording this version before it was put aside until late December 2012 in Bologna where we recorded vocals. A few months after that, in 2013, we recorded rhythm tracks in Ventimiglia before finally mixing it all in June, almost a year after we started recording, which happened to be on the date of the Supermoon and year to the day of Version 1.

Balcarres Street is where we lived for several years in our first rented apartment in Edinburgh and where many profound changes took place for us.

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The Professionals (1st version)

Stream the song for free through Soundcloud

The melody and chords for the verses were an idea from Budapest, April 2012. During March 2013, in Ventimiglia, Italy this turned into a full song. We got the lyrics, chorus and the rest of it one night then started recording tracks a few weeks later. The recording was then put aside until recently when it felt the right time to finally mix it.

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