Guardian of the Music - May 2016

The Return Home Journey

Kate is the Guardian of this Music.  She began her move into that role 2 years ago this month - Fly Rasta.  Kate didn't have a nasty bone in her body, everybody liked her, she was easy to get along with, and yet she had a strength, determination, courage and loyalty way beyond what anybody expected.  To stay true to Truth no matter what.  Even when everything was against us.  Only I know the depths of that.

We set off on this journey to Europe in Music in 2010 - we had no choice.  The people and circumstances in Edinburgh were not in place to support it so we had to go in search of that and Europe opened up.  Once the call is heard it must be honoured.  We both never waivered from that action and still to this day I feel the same.  The names may change, the faces may change, the circumstances may change but what we're bringing through remains the same.  We were diverted from our original intentions by circumstances, communication problems, mistrust and parasites feeding off our energy.  It is time now for a change, a new approach... which is actually a return to the original approach we intended, just in a different place.

There are people who Love this Music and understand its purpose like Kate did and so we will carry it forward now, build it up again, whether as this name or a new name.  As we always said, SoulJahm is a movement, a life in Music.

Jah Rastafari!!!

(Anybody wishing to contact can do so through Youtube/Google+).

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